You Can Now Buy Insurance Through a Facebook Bot

Insurance start-up Insurify is introducing a new auto insurance shopping experience: buying insurance through a Facebook messenger bot.

Insurify’s patent-pending virtual agent, powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, lets you compare quotes through messages, and it gives advice for discounts and coverage that suit each driver’s needs.

“Our Facebook Messenger virtual agent experience is faster than any website or mobile app, and easier to use than any online form, said Snejina Zacharia, Insurify’s founder and CEO. “It’s a powerful example of how our technology will work on all other messaging services. Our vision is to continue to enhance the artificial intelligence and data integrations behind our virtual agent and train the algorithms to pass the insurance licensing exam.”

Example of an Insurify bot application

Insurify launched in January 2016 and says it has provided quotes to over 1.5 million consumers. The company’s growth has increased exponentially and is expected to continue this year. Insurify is led by a team of MIT alumni, as well as veterans from TripAdvisor and KAYAK.

Insurify users are provided with data-driven recommendations, which enables them to compare personalized side-by-side quotes. The best matches take premium costs, reviews, discounts, customer service, and benefits into account.

The quotes can be viewed online and via Facebook Messenger. Changes in premium costs can be set to alert you through email or Messenger notifications. Insurify used 20,000 car insurance chat conversations to build its artificial intelligence platform.

Facebook users can upload a picture of their license plates, answer some questions, and receive multiple quotes in minutes.

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