highlights GWG Life’s genetic testing program

GWG Life’s genetic testing program is highlighted on, a story that explores the changing role of background tests in the life insurance secondary market.

“It’s natural for investors to want to augment traditional LEs (life expectancies) and refine their view with other tools and information,” Rocky Roland, a former Apollo Global Management principal who now runs a life settlement investment-management firm, told

GWG Life’s breakthrough technology for determining life expectancy is being rolled out to insurance policyholders through cheek-swab kits.

“GWG Life, a Minneapolis-based life settlement provider, has begun sending out cheek-swab kits for its DNA-methylation test and already is getting some of them back, said Dan Callahan, a spokesman for the company. The results will be used to supplement life-expectancy reports,” writes reporter Donna Horowitz. “The test doesn’t actually look at DNA itself, which doesn’t change, but at methylation levels, which are influenced by cellular and environmental factors and can give a more precision assessment of an individual’s potential lifespan.”

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