Jon Sabes Interviews Epigenetics Expert Brian Chen

On his Innovating Life with Jon Sabes podcast, GWG Life CEO Jon Sabes learns about Frankenstein mice, using epigenetics to determine life expectancy and the joys of iceboating on Lake […]

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Genomic Technology May Turn GWG Life Into an Insurtech Disrupter

Click here for the full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/588f9c05e4b02c397c178a02 In a world where big data – and in particular, deep reserves of digital data – is being used to dramatically alter nearly every […]

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Expert on Aging Dr. Brian Chen Joins GWG to Lead Epigenetic Mortality Prediction Tech

GWG Holdings is hiring expert on aging and genetic technology Dr. Brian Chen to be responsible for developing and implementing GWG’s new life insurance underwriting process using technology optioned from […]

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