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Existing Insurers Face Insurtech Threat, PricewaterhouseCoopers Finds

Insurance industry leaders are starting to leave behind the “follower” mentality, reallocating their investments into core capabilities that give them a more customer-centric view, as well as ways to differentiate […]

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Study Identifies Data Is Now Key to Insurers Staying Relevant

Acquiring and analyzing data is the answer to insurance companies’ need to remain relevant in this techno-social age. That’s what an A.M. Best survey has of insurance companies has found. […]

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Nasdaq-Insurtech Partnership Allows Investors to Trade Insurance Risk

Nasdaq Inc. (Nasdaq:NDAQ) and insurtech firm Extraordinary Re are joining forces to launch a new platform that will let investors trade exposure to insurance risk they have in their portfolios. The new market […]

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The One Missed Step That Will Undo All Your Retirement Plans

Creating a will and an estate plan are critical steps to planning for retirement, but missing one important step could undo all the work you’ve done: making sure your survivors […]

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MetLIfe Confirms: Insurtech Is for Real

When a company as big as MetLife decides insurtech is worth investing in, it’s official: the marriage of insurance and technology is for real. MetLife did just that this week, […]

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