Jon Sabes Presents at ReFocus Insurance Conference

Chief Executive Officer Jon Sabes presented at ReFocus Conference 2019 in Las Vegas on Monday, March 11.

Sabes was on a panel of experts at the global reinsurance conference that is sponsored by the American Council of Life Insurers and the Society of Actuaries. The panel, called “Maximizing the Value of Your Inforce Block,” explores the use of new processes and technologies in the longevity market that includes life insurance, annuities and pensions.

ThinkAdvisor covered the presentation: “Jon Sabes of Life Epigenetics talked about ways to use information about life insurance insureds’ DNA methylation, or genetic markets, to improve longevity estimates. The company has a research pilot that will gather epigenetic data from 1,300 people, along with those people’s answers to standard life insurance underwriting questionnaires, their prescription data, and their attending physician statements. The company will use the data to see how epigenetic data can fit in with a real-world life insurance or annuity underwriting operations,” wrote ThinkAdvisor’s Allison Bell.

In October 2018, Life Epigenetics initiated a research study that included gathering biological samples, prescription data and medical histories from 1,300 individuals to build machine-learned epigenetic signatures of aging, wellness, mortality, clinical chemistries, chronic disease states, and the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs of abuse, and underwriting risk classifications. The company expects to complete its study in the second quarter.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to present how we are creating a more precise method of underwriting longevity products,” Sabes said. “Our research is giving us insights into the epigenetic signatures that will enable consumers to enhance their well-being and better plan for their financial future.”

To view his presentation, go to page 21 at the panel’s webpage.