GWG Holdings finances its portfolio of life insurance assets through the sale of alternative investment products. These products offer potentially higher yields over other investment assets that are correlated with the traditional stock and bond markets.

Alternative asset classes have long been used by institutional and hedge fund managers to bolster returns and further diversify their clients’ portfolios, Today, while alternative asset classes also may increase risk in a portfolio, they are more accessible to the individual investor through investments like those offered by GWG Holdings.​


  • For clients who are looking for more income*
  • For investments that are non-correlated to traditional stock and bond markets
  • For advisors who are looking for value-added products and services
    *There can be no assurance this objective will be achieved.


L Bonds

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Life Insurance Secondary Market

December 2017


Potential for Higher Income
Alternative investments offered by GWG Holdings may deliver higher yields than traditional investments.

Lower Volatility
Alternative investments may not be correlated with traditional markets like publicly traded stocks and bonds. When traditional markets are fraught with volatility, alternative investments may not follow suit, which may help offset the impact of volatility within the portfolio.

Asset allocation strategies to diversify a portfolio that worked a decade ago may fall short in today’s complex market environment. Alternative investments may add diversification to a traditional portfolio and may help mitigate overall portfolio risk. Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not guarantee investment returns and do not eliminate the risk of loss.​​


Reallocate a percentage of assets away from traditional investments (e.g. publicly traded stocks and bonds) and add a separate, ongoing allocation to alternative investments. In this strategy, the alternative investments are treated as a separate sector within the portfolio.

Complement existing sectors with alternative investments of the same broad asset class. GWG Holdings offers alternative assets in the fixed-income and growth asset classes.​


An investment in GWG Holdings alternative investments may be subject to a high degree of risk, including the risk of losing your entire investment.
Each investment has its own prospectus that provides a full description of the business and a comprehensive listing of risk factors.