Insurer Employs AI to Reduce Customer Pricing Questions

British insurer Aviva wants to use big data to eliminate the need to ask customers duplicative questions when it’s pricing its policies, according to a story in Insurance Age.

Aviva has launched a new ‘Ask It Never’ initiative with some of its existing home insurance customers through its online portal MyAviva. The aim is to avoid asking customers for information that would be considered common knowledge.

An Aviva spokesperson told Insurance Age: “We are continually looking at ways to make insurance easier for our customers and improve the online buying journey.

“We have already made a great deal of progress in reducing the number of questions we have to ask customers before quoting them a price for a policy. Our goal, however, is to eliminate the need to ask our customers additional questions – i.e., Ask It Never.”

The spokesperson continued: “At this stage we are piloting the initiative with some existing customers and we’ll make a formal announcement when it is more widely available.

“These improvements will help to make it quicker for customers to get a quote and avoid them having to input lots of information or repeat answers which they have already provided to us before”.

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