Interviews Chris Orestis

Insurance of all types can be a minefield for America’s aging population. People over 50 are paying more for health insurance and could see enormous increases in those costs depending on what happens with the health insurance system in the U.S. Over the decades there has been an increasing push for people to take out long-term care insurance (LTCi), as well.

HealthCentral asked Chris Orestis, Executive Vice President of GWG Life, for some insight on how people should move forward with their health related insurance. Chris is a 20-year veteran of the insurance and long-term care industries; is nationally recognized as a healthcare expert and senior care advocate; is the author of “Help on the Way” and “A Survival Guide to Aging”; and is a frequent columnist with a currently popular series entitled “The Healthcare Hunger Games.” Here, we ask Chris about long-term health planning and what he thinks the best U.S. health insurance would look like.