GWGH’s Bill Acheson Provides “Disruptive” Insights at CFO Forum

GWGH’s CFO Bill Acheson at the Twin Cities Business Magazine’s 2017 CFO Forum in Minneapolis (credit: Twin Cities Business Magazine).

In a panel of four Twin City chief financial officers, GWG Life’s Bill Acheson stood out as a “disruptor” whose company was not afraid to do things differently.

“We have to balance entrepreneurism, with the need to be fast,” Acheson said. “We are working to bring a little structure to the organization but not smother the spirit.”

Acheson spoke on a panel sponsored by Twin Cities Business Magazine alongside CFOs from Cargill, SPS Commerce and Hawkins, Inc.

Panelists talked about market issues including interest rates, but when it came down to the issues that concerned Cargill, it was not a potential rise in rates, it was disruptors like GWG Life that can move quickly and attract talent a larger company struggles to keep up with.

“I worry about Bill,” Cargill EVP and CFO Marcel Smits said.

Acheson described his role as CFO: Chief Financial Orator who must be able to communicate the company’s story. “You are as much a salesman for the company as you are a financial expert,” he said.