Do you have clients who are considering lapsing or surrendering their life insurance? Are the premium payments no longer affordable? Can the life insurance policy be repurposed for a better use, meeting today’s needs? The life insurance secondary market provides intriguing choices for policy owners in this situation.


  1. PROTECTION – Maintain a portion of the policy benefit, premium-free, and provide protection for loved ones with a Retained Death Benefit.
  2. INCOME– Supplement retirement funds with income for life with an Immediate Income
  3. ​BENEFIT – Pay senior living expenses and long-term care expenses with a tax-free ​​Long-Term Care Benefit
  4. LUMP SUM– Generate immediate funds for living needs with a Cash Payout


Expand Your Ability to Serve Senior Clients

In the past, you may have come up empty-handed when clients sought a solution for their long-term health care or retirement needs. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
Did you know the life insurance policy you sold your client years ago might be the key to helping his family fund long-term health care needs?​​
Sounds great, doesn’t it? Only thing is, you’re already busy. Well, we make it easy to bring solutions to your senior clients. Once you become appointed by GWG Life, you will have access to a number of concierge benefits and marketing services to bring our LifeCare Xchange options to your clients.