Forbes Covers the GWG Life’s Life Epigenetics Story

Under the headline “With The Swab Of A Cheek, This Company Knows When You’re Likely To Die,” Forbes covered the Life Epigenetics story.

Contributor Christopher Steiner wrote a lengthy piece that told the story of how Life Epigenetics CEO Jon Sabes connected with UCLA professor Dr. Steven Horvath.

Wrote Steiner: “While a physical with a doctor may reveal hypertension or an elevated cholesterol level, it’s also possible that a person’s poor health may not manifest itself so readily. Insurers also depend on a person being totally honest when taking a questionnaire about their health and habits, such as smoking—a large leap when money is on the line. But if GWG knew, even roughly, a person’s shelf life, it could make quicker decisions about which policies to buy with a level of information that nobody else in the industry had.

“Seeing the potential, Sabes reached out to Horvath, who walked him through his work and how it might be leveraged. By 2017, GWG had an exclusive license on the algorithm and the methodology, which is held by UCLA.”

“I would like to create Silicon Valley’s answer to the insurance industry,” says Jon Sabes, CEO of Life Epigenetics. “Epigenetic science will be the baseline for all of the predictive analytics in this space.”

The story describes the science and the process of epigenetic analysis of lifespan.

“Life Epigenetics has recently announced a pilot program with two major life insurance underwriters to provide them these kinds of data and services. Life Epigenetics hasn’t named the companies yet, but it seems clear that the life insurance business—both sides of it—is finally being dragged into the digital age where everything, including old girlfriends, past habits, and health conditions, are harder to hide,” Steiner wrote.

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