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7 Ways the Law Protects Seniors Who Sell Their Life Insurance Policies

I never get tired of sharing this fact: a life insurance policy is an asset. If a senior is not going to keep their life insurance policy—for whatever reason—they have a protected property right to sell that policy. In many cases, they’ll receive significantly more than if they simply lapsed or surrendered their policy back […]

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“You’re Welcome.” Little Words Can Make a Big Difference to Your Clients

“You’re welcome.” It’s a phrase that every one of us learned to say when we were young. Not just to be polite, but to express our willingness to give something—our time, money, or thought— to someone else. But in today’s increasingly casual world, the words “you’re welcome” seem to be falling by the wayside. I’m […]

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Ripped From the Headlines: Life Insurance Rate Hikes Send Seniors (and Advisors) to the Life Insurance Secondary Market

This isn’t some new Law and Order series, unfortunately. This is real life. Over the past year, at least seven big life insurance companies have raised premiums on a range of Universal Life Insurance policies, many of them targeting increases on seniors. From this, the headlines have ensued: Retirees Stung by Universal Life Costs – […]

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