What Money Matters Matter Most?

When it comes to money and finances, there are numerous areas any one individual could focus or find being a prevalent source of interest or concern for them. Google happens to know which ones appear to be top of mind thanks to their analytics on the most googled financial topics of 2019. Here are the […]

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6 Marketing Moves to Attract High Net Worth Clients

A well-planned marketing strategy goes beyond setting up a functional website and sending out postcards a few times a year. Research shows that trust is crucial in the financial advisor-client relationship. Elite advisors who attract the highest net worth clients employ creative tactics that focus on building relationships that foster trust. Consider expanding your marketing […]

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What’s Your Practices’ iPhone Box? Why You Should Never Miss an Opportunity to Wow Your Best Clients

If you have purchased an Apple iPhone and marveled at the box it came in, you have experienced the strategy smart marketers are using to differentiate themselves: never missing an opportunity to wow their customers. Consider it a metaphor for your practice: holding onto your best clients and attracting the most valuable new ones requires […]

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The Secret to Successful Sales Presentations: Leave Nothing to Chance

As I pack my bag for a sales trip, I load what I consider to be essentials: Advil, Excedrin and allergy medication for on-the-road aches, pains and congestion; Extra shoelaces in black, brown and white (for my running shoes); Black shoe polish to give my dress shoes an extra sparkle; Buttons and sewing kit for […]

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Bill Acheson GWG head shot CFO

Credit Card Debt Killing You? Say Hello to The Rule of Eight

At a time when your dreams are just a click away, it’s never been easier to run up more debt than you can handle. Those smartphones we all carry were supposed to give us access to information to make us smarter consumers. In fact, almost half of shoppers say they use their phones to make […]

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Getting to the Sale: 5 Steps to Closing Deals Faster

When it comes to closing a sale, the saying goes that a “yes” is best, but a “no” is better than a “maybe.” With a “no,” you can quickly move on to another prospect. A “maybe” can keep you engaged indefinitely, spinning your wheels and gumming up the sales pipeline of your product. Every salesperson […]

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Grandma and child smiling together

Do You Have a Plan for Long-Term Care?

The costs of long-term care are increasing every year, but most families do not understand what they will be confronting when it is time to start paying for care. Too many people wait until they are in the middle of a crisis before they start trying to figure out how the world of long-term care […]

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Smiling man on the phone in the office

Five Steps to Change the Habits that Are Sabotaging Your Career

For most of us, life has its routines: we get up about the same time every day, we eat the same breakfast and we take the same route to the office. It’s a reassuring pattern that enables us to focus on the higher-functioning tasks. Or so we like to think. In reality, researchers have found […]

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Senior parents look at a tablet with adult son

5 Ways to Create a Smart Growth Strategy for Your Practice

In the business of financial services and insurance sales, getting bigger does not necessarily mean becoming more successful. In fact, while so much attention has focused on adding services and employees, some advisors and agents have found that staying small and serving a loyal clientele is a much more satisfying path for them. As technology […]

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Surprises Your Clients Must Avoid As They Near Long-Term Care

Late-life finances can be the toughest conversations for any financial advisor. Faced with the ramifications of decisions they made decades before, clients can only ask that they not be surprised by unexpected costs and expenses. But, there are surprises lurking for many seniors and their families who think they are prepared for retirement, but, haven’t […]

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