#9 Innovating Life Podcast: A Conversation with C.H. Maguire

#9 Innovating Life Podcast Interview with Outdoors Enthusiast and Financial Executive C.H. Maguire

On this podcast, I talk with CH Maguire, a man with many interests beyond his career as Director of Financial Institutions Services Group at Merrill Lynch. Among CH’s interests is a passion for leadership and the great outdoors. This passion led CH to a twenty-five year involvement with Outward Bound, a wonderful outdoor leadership program for youth and adults. This podcast is a must for anyone interested in the history of the Outward Bound organization and its leadership objectives.  CH talks about how the outdoors can lead to the development of great leadership qualities. CH’s philosophy and approach to life is derived from these experiences, making him a wonderful mentor in this field. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the group who learns from him.  CH Maguire serves as on the Board of Directors of GWG Holdings, Inc.

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